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Prince Edward Island

There are only two hostels on PEI (Prince Edward Island) and they are not where I need them. I cross the Confederation Bridge, read it up, it’s rather impressive, and stop straight away at the information point. The weather is good so camping is an option and I almost by chance find a nice motel come campsite in Summerside, $17, a bargain. Next to me there is another biker with a tent, an old trucker from Albert with a massive chopper, we don’t talk much on arrival, but prior to leave in the morning he will be source of a great deal of information.

It’s early and there appears to be a Lobster festival in town so, once the camp is set and the excess baggage sorted I ride down to town where a cold pint of beer and some junk food is expecting me. Turns out I also get a show.

this is the Caleigh band that is playing in the Scottish fashion, but, sadly, no dancing.
Super view from the sidewalk in town at night
And sort of the first sunset of the trip.

A good night sleep and up packing at a reasonable time. I stop talking with my new friend from out west and he gives me a few tips on destinations. I was not going to ride from Banff to Jasper but I am now also I’m going to go to the Going-To-The-Sun road in Montana.

I elect to do the west side of PEI, I have no time to do it all and, as it turns out, it’s sufficient to get a good feeling of the place.

The place is filled with Acadian references and lovely sea views, on hte whole I’m pleased I came but it’s not as stunning as one would think.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.44.10
Around the left side of the Island
Going to the top of the pier again.
The french are more religious.

I rode all the way to the top, North Cape, and then all the way to the bottom, West point where I have another lovely beer and, finally, some lobsters, yum!

Security conscious at the topmost point.
Cormorants off shore.
The beauty of having a zoom.
Someone went wild with zen towers.
North Cape lighthouse.
Loverly coast on the way to the south.
Ah! one must have a soup.
And Lobsters
And here is the West Point lighthouse.

After getting my food I head east and aim to reach Cavendish where I will camp for the night. I get there in good time and discover that the campsite is in a national park so the standard fee of $32, which I find extortionate, is increased by $8 for the entrance fee to the park. I’m camping for $10 more than I paid in the hostel in Halifax, shocking.

I cook some noodles with my fuel stove and, luckily, having a power point, I recharge all the equipment. In the morning I head for Charlottetown, the province capital, and have a little look around before heading west to cross the bridge again and tackle New Brunswick.

Touring the north coast on the way to Charlottetown.
Ironic that the dangerous cliff sign itself fell
Confederation house, where Canada was born.
All the federal flags, most of then will be on my panniers.
Burrito trumps classic building.
Lovely street, I thought about stopping for a coffee, but long road ahead.
Not so Breaking news: First Prime Minister of Canada was from Glasgow (John A. Macdonald)

There is not much to do in New Brunswick other than cross it, I stop in Federicton to get myself a drink and a flag sticker for the pannier and, dodging a shower I get to the campsite, which is more reasonably priced, in good time. The campsite has wifi and a pub so it’s local Irish Red again for me and tomorrow we’re off to Quebec City.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.41.54
Charlottetown and all the way to the middle of New Brunswick.

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