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All over Thailand

Arriving in Thailand for the first time, my anticipation runs high. The initial experience involves landing, taking a cab to the hostel, and collapsing in… Read More »All over Thailand

Hong Kong

Leaving the Philippines leaves me with a strange feeling, I did not plan to go there, and I did not expect what I got. Great… Read More »Hong Kong


A last week end with the friends in Auckland is just what the doctor ordered. More time getting to know or reacquaint myself with great… Read More »Philippines

New Zealand

Bye bye Bali, it was great to meet you. It is time to “git on ye bike” now, and get to Auckland and, hopefully, a… Read More »New Zealand


​So the plan was to go from Singapore to Jakarta and then overland to Bali, spend a few days there and fly to New Zealand.… Read More »Bali


​Well, where to start? I flew out of Delhi on Malaysian Airlines,  not without a little concern if I’m to be honest. Their track record… Read More »Singapore


​Things are starting to get a bit faster. It is always like this, at the beginning of a trip it’s a bit of a struggle… Read More »India


​Leaving Tehran is easy, the much advertised trafic on the way to the airport does not really ever materialise. So it happens I am early… Read More »Dubai

In Iran

It’s early in the morning, ten past four to be precise, when I land in Tehran. Getting out of Istanbul was a doddle, but my… Read More »In Iran


Landed out of Europe. On the positive side the alphabet is much clearer, on the negative side it’s a whole new culture to get into.… Read More »Istanbul