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Milestones: 8000 Miles

Eight thousand miles, a milestone earned on one continents but with a twist. I will be leaving the bicycle for a time after this trip and get on  combination of motorbike and hiking so I am faced with a dilemma, how to account for this in the counter? I have decided to add the motorbike and hiking miles as “bicycle equivalent miles” with a ration of 6/1 for the motorbike and of 1/8 for the hiking. Full breakdown as always is in the Log book  So here are the facts and figures for these 1000 miles.


  • Continents: 1 (South America)
  • Countries: 4 (Uruguay, Brasil, Argentina, Chile)
  • Nations: 4 (Uruguay, Brasil, Argentina, Chile)
  • Miles so far: 8000 miles (12875 Km)
  • Climbing so far: 309,273 feet (94,266 m)
  • Activity Days: 17
  • Rest days: 15 (this is a bit of an extrapolation as there were many more days in between, like when I was riding the motorbike, but these are the rest days while on cycling expeditions)
  • Longest day: 68.8 miles (110.7 Km)
  • Average per day:  ~46 miles (~74 Km)
  • Punctures: 0
  • Blow ups: 0

Since the last milestone I got into Brazil, well for roughly 500 yards, into Argentina and Chile, braving the Patagonian winds and crossing the desert like meseta as well as being dazzled by the astounding beauty of the Andes.

Open wheel surgery in Patagonia

The Brompton was ok, more or less. It got to the end with four spokes missing and I realised that it is definitely not an all terrain mean of transport 🙁


  • 2 Hotel/B&B
  • 4 Friends/Family
  • 19 Hostel
  • 7 Camping

Camping was easy in Patagonia but not needed. The hostels were cheap and much more fun. I got random hospitality in Estancias and “Casas del ciclista” a free home for cyclist concept indigenous to South America. Don’t you just love it


  • Average spent: £4.00 per day
  • Most expensive day: £20.00 (Bariloche, Meal out and pub crawl)

Food in the “Cono Sur” is cheap and fantastic. Most of the time in travel I did not makle the most of it but when I had company i did not hesitate in joining into a meat fest. Note to vegetarians: options are available but limited.

yes, that’s me in charge of the parilla.

Other things

  • The wind in Patagonia is really as bad as they say
  • I met the coolest people in the world.
  • I missed the full blown camera in bits, will definitely carry it on the next trip (motorbike).
  • I can still Hike


These 1000 miles were not so much about the bike as they were about the people I met. My Facebook count has doubled since i got to South america and the majority of these people, I’m sure, will play a part in my future.

This continent has everything, from the things that can break you to the ones that can make you. As a cycling destination it is kick ass as well.

Fab 4
Fantastic 4
The one
Takes 2 to tango

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  1. Hay man. Congrats on hitting 8K. Really enjoyed your posts about your southern cone adventures. Really need to get down there. Safe travels my friend.

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