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cost of living


​Things are starting to get a bit faster. It is always like this, at the beginning of a trip it’s a bit of a struggle… Read More »India


The last stop on the way to the UK is Copenhagen. I get there in the evening after a red eye from NY to Oslo… Read More »Copenhagen

New York

Second stop is the Big Apple. I have not been in New York for quite some time, 2005 to be precise. This will be the… Read More »New York


And then the way back. I’ve discovered that, if you have a whole bunch of time you can almost spend less money taking many short… Read More »Miami

Route 66 Pt. 2

Leaving Flagstaff is a good example of why planning ahead it is not a good allied of the traveller. I initially thought I would stay on… Read More »Route 66 Pt. 2

Route 66 Pt.1

Route 66 is a classic motorbike ride. It coes from Santa Monica in California to Chicago in Illinois crossing: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,… Read More »Route 66 Pt.1


I spent three nights in Vancouver and reacquainted myself with the feel of a big city. Vancouver is however a bit different. It’s tidy and… Read More »Vancouver

Back to Canada

Nice evening at Camp Gonzo, spending the evening with the guys and a whole other set of people was fun but it’s time to get… Read More »Back to Canada