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Milestones: 10,000 Miles (motor)

The mean of transport changes but the loupe is still there.

Can you see it?

I thought about writing on the Inukshuk but then I preferred not to, in sign of respect for the spirit.

So I parked the bicycle for a while, turns out it might end up being for a couple of years, as the ambition to do things by motorbike is pushing me already towards a long list of places to be be visited. In keeping with the motto that it is possible to have multiple motorbikes so long as they are in different continents, I have now two, one in Scotland one in Canada. But what am I doing with them?

The European motorbike

Most of the motorbike riding so far has been in the shape of two pan European trips and the beginning of the North American extravaganza. Before I return to Europe in the fall I will have added another if not two more milestones as the trip across North America is nothing if not ambitious. But this is nothing if compared to what is to come. The idea is to park the bike for the winter and spring and pick it up again in the summer to head for a eight months descent into Central and South America.

The American motorbike.

Motorbike riding

  • Continents: 2 (Europe, North America)
  • Countries: 15 (United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Canada)
  • Miles so far: 18,066 miles (8000 cycle, 10,000 motorbike, 66 hike)
  • Climbing so far: 318,973 feet (300,923 cycle, 18,050 hike)

This first milestone for the motorbike is a bit chaotic, and I have precise data only for the American leg of the effort as in Europe I did not really keep a detailed record beyond the distances.

Accommodation (North America 2016)

  • 2 Social Hosting
  • 15 Hostel
  • 8 Camping

Camping is more expensive than Hostelling in Canada hence, if available, I use it. Couch surfed only once, might do again, but I’ve got various friends coming up.


  • Average spent: £8,60 per day
  • Most expensive day: £60.00 (Halifax, taking a friend out for a meal)

Food is more expensive in the first world but I eat a lot less than when cycling, unsurprisingly.

Other things

  • Fuel is cheap but it’s an extra cost that I did not have cycling
  • Hostel life is fun but the crowd is much younger
  • It has taken me a good three weeks to get into the swing of things
  • I am on a whole new learning curve with equipment
  • The opportunity for doing stupid things are countless.
King of the world


One day I will do something I have done before and I will say: “wow, that was easy and enjoyable”, this is not that day. There are so many things to learn: from the motorbike maintenance to the issues with insurance and paperwork. On the whole, the good days are great and the bad days are bearable, and there is a lot of road in front of me.

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