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Milestones: 7000 miles

Seven thousand miles, a milestone earned on three different continents. So here are the facts and figures for these 1000 miles.


  • Continents: 3 (Oceania, Europe, South America)
  • Countries: 4 (Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Uruguay)
  • Nations: 3 (New South Wales, Scotland, Italy, Uruguay)
  • Cycled distance so far: 7000 miles (11265 Km)
  • Climbing so far: 274,320 feet (83,613 m)
  • Cycling Days: 20
  • Rest days: 23 (this is a bit of an extrapolation as there were many more days in between, like when I was riding the motorbike, but these are the rest days while on cycling expeditions)
  • Longest day: 90.60 miles (145.80 Km)
  • Average per day: 50 miles (80.46 Km)
  • Punctures: 0
  • Blow ups: 0

I finished Australia and enjoyed a bit of a rest in Sydney and it was August before I got back on the push bike. This time it was a new one, custom made with a concept in mind.

A Brompton Folding bike with disk breaks and a Rolhoff gear hub.

I put the concept to the test in August cycling half the length of Italy in what were extraordinarily warm conditions. Apart from a broken tyre that gave me no loss of cycling time, all went well.

This is the full concept.
This is the full concept.

After Italy on the push bike I took a sideway move and got myself a motorbike which I used for a long trip around Europe only to return on the push bike in Uruguay where I will stay until the new year before really putting the Brompton to the test in the harsh terrain of Patagonia.


  • 1 Hotel/B&B
  • 9 Friends/Family
  • 19 Hostel
  • 14 Camping

Camping was challenging in the Australian late autumn, equally difficult it was in the Italian summer for the opposite reason. Uruguay is proving perfect for camping.


  • Average spent: £7.00 per day
  • Most expensive day: £30.00 (Sydney, great steak)

Food in Australia is a bit expensive, not so in Italy and definitely not in Uruguay. In Italy I found that food was a saving grace as all else I encountered I was disappointed by. So far in South America food has been great as I am an unashamed carnivore and this is the place to be for the people with my condition.

Meat, meat and more meat.
Meat, meat and more meat in Uruguay.

Other things

  • South of Sydney is probably the cooler biking bit of Australia I cycled
  • Cycling in Italy was a bit of an anticlimax, very dirty and on the whole unfriendly.
  • The Brompton is faring well, early days.
  • I’m carrying less technology but the real test of endurance will be Patagonia.


These 1000 miles were a bit spread around and intermixed with a lot of other things so it’s difficult to make much sense of them. Finishing what I sait I would have done in Australia was good, Italy was ok and South America so far is meeting the expectations.

All things being equal I have in front of me more than 1000 miles of Patagonia so there should be another milestone before I leave this part of the world. To then.

Hola de la tierra de amor y paz
Hola de la tierra de amor y paz

1 thought on “Milestones: 7000 miles”

  1. Hi Alex, This comes from a widespread flooded Cumbria. Brenda and I hope your trip to
    South America goes well and look forward to following you as you move from place to place.
    We wish you good health and happy cycling.
    Jimmy and Brenda.

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