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Milestones: 6000 Miles

Six thousand miles, last milestone for the Oceania trip. So here are the facts and figures for these 1000 miles.


  • Continents: 1 (Oceania)
  • Countries: 2 (New Zealand, Australia)
  • Nations: 3 (New Zealand, Victoria, New South Wales)
  • Cycled distance so far: 6000 miles (9656 Km)
  • Climbing so far: 235,658 feet (71,829 m)
  • Cycling Days: 21
  • Rest days: 14
  • Longest day: 74.40 miles (118.13 Km)
  • Average per day: 46.4 miles (74.7 Km)
  • Punctures: 0
  • Blow ups: 1

I could not believe it, “nearly 3000 miles in New Zealand” and a few more in Australia without a puncture. In the end I did not get a puncture but a blow up. The rear tyre lacerated and eventually the tube gave in. I suspect I had looked at the tyres for a while wondering if they were going to last forever. Perhaps I should have done something more than looking and perhaps a little bit less blowing.

Running repair
Running repair

I have now passed 4000 miles for the trip and there are still only 200 to go before I fly back to Europe, with any luck the rest of the set up will make it even if the chain and gearing are looking a bit tired.

Of course the new folding bike is being assembled as we speak so this is the last outing for the B’Twin for a while.

Australian flat part of Victoria gave me several days of long riding but also, being late autumn, some soggy days.


  • 3 Hotel/B&B
  • 8 Friends/Family
  • 5 Hostel
  • 15 Camping
  • 4 Boat

Camping is becoming more difficult in the late autumn, I had to glamp (get a campsite cabin) a night or two to combat the cold. Spent quite a bit of time with Adam and 4 nights on the yacht during the sailing course.


  • Average spent: £13.00 per day
  • Most expensive day: £37.00 (Stratford)

Food is a bit more expensive in Australia but the variety is more, they even have better cheese. I have finished the protein supplement and I have to admit that I miss it, especially the convenience of it. I’m eating a bit more fruit  but I’ve decided that when I get back to Europe I’ll start juicing to get my fresh fruit and veg intake higher.

Other things

  • Australia is a big place, there are days when the only interesting thing is cycling.
  • I have seen only one snake and no spiders, the cold is helping.
  • Ordered new bicycle, ordered new sleeping bag, bought new tent (delivered in UK)
  • I have decided that next trips will be without laptop, camera and GPS tracker. The mobile phone will do all of that.



These 1000 miles were a bit in New Zealand and a bit in Australia. the end of New Zealand was good but Australia has proven offer more interest thanks to the change of scenery.

I have to admit I am getting a bit tired and my old body is starting to feel the strain. I have been carrying a bit of an injury for a few days, the Achilles Heels got inflamed but they are getting better now.

Melbourne was good fan and being taught how to play Aussie Rule Football was interesting. I like kangaroos and by now they have become less of a novelty. All in all I’m pleased I came to Australia.

Not too far behind what I assume was the young one being generally less active and more curious.
Kangaroos are quite cool

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