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Well into the 50s

Not much to tell today, quite a few miles, sunny and another step closer to Spain.

I left bright and early and made good progress, so much so that I indulged in some GoProing. The filming was not terribly successful so I will keep the footage and do more so that I can do a 4 minute of France before I get to the bottom.

That big bridge at the end was for cyclists too 😐

Two nagging things. First the Nikon camera is playing up. Sometimes it just does not turn on. It happened once before, I charged the battery and it worked fine again. After that I keep an eye on the battery indicator and yesterday it was nowhere near finished. My suspicion is that while in the handle bar bag the vibrations do something to it. will need to investigate more and might ditch and replace with something smaller.

Impressive quality the GoPro Hero, even just with stills

Second I got into Decathlon again, but I managed not to buy anything. It turn out there was one just across the road from my elevenses boulangerie, so I went in in the off chance they had my “patin noir” [that would be break pads]. They did not so I run out before my eyes got caught by the surf boards.

Not quite as iconic as the British counterpart but so tour de France.

The cycling today included some coast roads and paths and a long stint in a Camargue like environment where I suspect in the summer they hunt mosquitoes with shotguns. It was nice but I have to say so far I have been highly unimpressed by the scenery in this part of France. I have seen nothing so far that compares to either Britain or Italy. The glory of this country is not in nature but truly in the food, I have not had anything to eat that was not fabulous. Even tonight, I an writing this post from Les Quimpéroises, only place in town with wifi, and the food is just fab.

Route 2,844,264 – powered by

Tomorrow I’m catching another Ferry, after the one in Fleetwood, the one in Gosport and the one to France this will be the fourth boat in this trip. It should be just 20 minutes and following it there should be some fifty miles or so but I’m still considering where it’s best to land tomorrow night, i might just take it easy and make my way to Biarritz to get there on Sunday, rather than Saturday, to make sure I can spend all of Monday sorting out the bike  before I leave for Spain.

I have to say I am a bit concerned about Spain. Google maps does not have bike routes there, does that mean they are not bike friendly? I shouldn’t think so. The Vuelta a Espãna together with the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia are the holly trinity of cycling. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

“And the sea will grant each man new hope . . . his sleep brings dreams of home.” Not by Christopher Columbus


3 thoughts on “Well into the 50s”

  1. definitely have to get a GoPro, that last photo is beautiful.

    Don’t forget to check out the camino for routes places to stay. There were a good few cyclists on the French route. so may be similar on the Via de la Plata. It runs a little too far West i am guessing for you to join up to in the North, but as you get further through Spain may be a good option to join.


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