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Not the kitchen sink

First day cycling, wow, it has been a little bit harder than i expected.

It was raining to start, between the final close down in the flat and waiting for the rain to go I did not leave until 10:30, probably a good two hours after what I expect my new routine to be. Had it not been raining i would’ve been very surprised, I have been telling everybody that the rain was going to start as soon as I left. Had I left tomorrow it would rain tomorrow.

The reality is that i have loaded the bike more than i should have. I should really have drawn the line well before the kitchen sink rather than at the kitchen sink. Never mind, there are a few lesson learned from today, well, actually just one big one.

#1 Bicycle touring and weekly food shopping do not go hand in hand!

The total for the day it’s all 27 miles which is less than half of what i expect to do when i am at full speed.


Route 2,824,266 – powered by



WeIMG-20141010-WA0000copy will see, I think that kind of distance is reachable it’s just a case of shed in a bit of weight from the bike and indeed for myself as well as building some muscles in my legs. finishing this lovely salame from Modena will have the twin result of lightening the load and adding proteins (I like to think).

Incidentally while I was having lunch I did not get any rain, there must be somebody watching over me, granted, very intermittently, but watching none the less.

The weather looks fine tomorrow i’m sure i will have my personal rain cloud following me but I’m hoping to do at least 40 miles. If i do that it should be possible exiting Scotland on Monday morning and getting to my first house call with time to spare.

8 thoughts on “Not the kitchen sink”

  1. Hai qualche contatto a cui si possa spedirne altri?
    Che bello che sei partito…che emozione. È un viaggio bellissimo. Ed il tuo sito è fatto davvero benissimo.

  2. Reminds me of a Douglas Adams passage (amended)

    “And as he cycled on, the rainclouds dragged down the sky after him, for, though he did not know it, Alex Iacconi was a Rain God. All he knew was that his days were miserable succession of wet. All the clouds knew was that they loved him and wanted to be near him, to cherish him, and to water him.”

    Never fear soon you will be a Sun God and occasional Wind (behind my back) God 🙂

  3. Hi Alex We were talking to you in Dumfries High St today, it was nice to meet you. Good luck with the trip!!
    ciao Michele&Gillian

    1. Great to meet you guys. Michele, time to get the “art of convincing” book out and take Gillian on the greatest adventure together.

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