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Buenos días Andalucía

So, at long last I’m getting to the bottom of Spain. Andalucía looks really pretty. As soon as I crossed the border from Extremadura I got the impression that this region knew how to do tourism. Unfortunately the prices follow.

Route 2,856,239 – powered by

It was a fairly long ride today. The problem being accommodation. There were not many places where it looked possible to get a space and things got even worse when I decided that was time to book a place. As I started to go through the listing all the properties I had seen last night had gone. I was staring in the face of camping, which would be fine, but for the overnight forecast of rain.

In the end I found a place on google maps and, without the electronic help of the website, I had to phone and make a reservation. I am quite proud of myself, I did all that in Spanish and even asked for a discount.

Not much else to tell you about today apart from an explanation to the picture below.

Happier than a pig in shit!

I got introduced to the phrase in the caption above by one of my best friends form the land of the long white cloud. I always found it a curious expression but not now.

Additionally I am becoming a bit concerned that the Santiago signs might have bee randomly placed across all of Spain as I keep seeing them all over the place.

It would be funny if I saw a few inMorocco.

Quiz Result

Just a quick note on the reference quiz. The participation has been less than overwhelming, perhaps due to the obscurity of the references and or the poor format of the game. I want to thank Patrizia and Alessandro for their efforts, they actually found more references that I had intended, again something to tune in the next iteration through better instructions.

Because quite a few of the reference had been fund and indeed the poor instructions were my fault I will match the donation and move onto telling you what are the references I had intended for you to find.

  1. Song title: November Rain – Guns and Roses
  2. Song title: On the road again – Willy nelson
  3. Song lyrics: “Woke up, fell out of bed…” – A day in the life – The Beatles
  4. Band name: One Direction
  5. Song lyrics: “The dice was loaded from the start” – Romeo and Juliet – Dire Straits
  6. Film dialogue: Tommy and candles – Almost Famous –
  7. Song title: Middle of the road – The pretenders
  8. TV program: And now for something…. – Monthy Pyton –

Thanks again

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