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So, here I am (above) having left Europe just 30 minutes ago (below). I have to say that, while not being a person that normally suffers from motion sickness the ride was pretty bumpy and I was glad when it was over. I actually do not think it was the sea, it was just that the catamaran boat was way too fast.

I did not sleep all that well, I guess there was a bit of fear of the unknown at play there. On top of that I had to be at the boat just after eight so it meant alarm at 7:30 which is now a bit revolutionary for me.

Last view of Europe from the boat.

Last view of Europe from the boat.

Anyway it all was very straight forward. On the way to the port I reverted from British to Italian and this means that the only stamp I have collected so far will be on the Italian passport. The logic behind this is that, I think, it is better to go through muslim countries as an Italian than as a Brit. I’ll become British again in Angola.

I will talk more in depth about the landing in Tangiers in the daily post but, froma formalities point of view it was absolutely seamless. Amazing how one minute you’re on a continent and the next you’re gone.

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