To the ferry


Really chucking down on the way to the port, but I mastered the rain cape and did not get too wet in the process. The route below includes a bit of cross country which I suspect gave me a taste of things to come (i.e. muddy roads with puddles) in the equatorial regions of Africa.

Route 2,839,318 – powered by

On the way into town I though it was time to immortalise the precarious weather conditions into the inevitable selfie.

I truly just need a staff and a few spells now.

Believe it or not it stopped raining almost as soon as I got to Portsmouth, I found a place to leave the bike and off I am exploring the city for the last few hours in Britain.

In the spirit of trying everything the locality has to offer I also had some Welks from a seafront stall. I could almost feel Tarn kicking me as she used to do when I was randomly ordering oysters or other seafood without a care for the possible consequences.

Note to self: Be less cavalier when getting to central Africa.


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  1. JT says:

    Selfie not a good advert!
    Whelks don’t look very appetising Alex.
    So glad you’ve reached the cusp of UK and wish you well for your crossing and journey beyond.
    By the way I bought some of the tuna fillets from M&S – you’re right they’re absolutely fantastic!
    Take care pal – I hope you’re heading for better weather!
    JT x

  2. Shirley Harrison says:

    Harrisons are always right, remember? She’d have had her reasons.
    Safe crossing. X

  3. Jimmy. says:

    Beware sea food Alex.
    It had dire consequences for
    Brenda 31 years ago, she hasn’t tasted it since.
    Safe crossing

  4. julca says:

    Ma tu sarai vaccinato contro l’epatite A,no?!

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