Another fabulous site

I came across this site last year but i had not appreciated the level of detail in the Country information. Some of the info is a bit dated (2006) but I think it will be useful. i think I might even volunteer for some of the articles in the missing countries, after I’ve been…

A month worth of reading

I have come across a site today that will keep me busy for some time to come. As the preparation activities are increasing and information is sought on the many perils of transcontinental bike riding, the pursuit of the right plastic water tank lead me to WOW, not only Jean-Baptiste appears to be a nearly bottomless…

Crazy guy on a bike

Have you got a few spare months? If so this web site is for you. It contains everything. It’s a nice project too allowing people with all sort of skills to contribute. Undoubtedly if you have a question about bike touring you’re likely to find your answer here. [related_posts_by_tax format=”thumbnails” image_size=”medium” posts_per_page=”3″]  

Desert Snow

A woman’s take on crossing Africa from top to bottom. Well written and insightful in the description of the cultural and individual challenges facing the long distance cyclist. The fact that Helen has since completed other long distance adventures is testament that not only “you can do it”, but also that “you will love it”….

Traveling Two

A very large site including a free and a paid for eBook. Good place to start for some Inspiration. Interesting as they are quite seasoned and offer insight on both long “round the world” experience and short tours. “Planning a bike tour? This site is all about inspiring and helping you to get out and travel…

I’ll be home just after Christmas: Stories from four years around the world on a bicycle

Very well written, not overloaded with tech details but very good on “living the experience” bit. It gives you an idea of what are the challenges and, most importantly, what the rewards are in taking off for the greatest adventure. URL: [related_posts_by_tax format=”thumbnails” image_size=”medium” posts_per_page=”3″]

Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook

A bit of a bible, lots of information, references and first hand experience, if you read this and still want to do it then you might just. I found that reading in a linear fashion the first part and then dipping in and out of the individual trip contributions was an excellent way to get…