Purchasing the bike

So here we go, eBay to the rescue and the bike is purchased. Collected from a nice chap in Cambridge that had used for a cross-UK charity run and that told me it had seen some European travel before getting to him. So far I’ve replaced the rear rack and changed the pedals (though I think I’ll fit normal pedals for the trip). On the to do list there is a new chain and the possibly changing two chainrings. In addition I’ll need another bottle holder and see what to do with the rear lighting.

Bare to the bone a third hand Decathlon 2007 beauty

Not sure I will take all the bags, some cycling friends have told me it’s not necessary to pack so much for africa. At the same tim I’ma beginner so a degree of overpacking is acceptable and I’d really like to take my backpack in case I leave the bike behind for some side expedition.

Fully loaded and ready to go, perhaps…

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