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The end of a generic day

Sometime I wonder if I should write less and give it a rest when there is not much that tickles my brain during the day. Then I remember that, no disrespect to the listening public but, this blog is the only way I have to remember as, advancing age and all that, I cannot seem to be good at forming new memories. Perhaps I use too much of my energy holding on to old ones.

The day was not particularly interesting, the road is not proving to be challenging but neither it is particularly scenic. Given that I have a week in Sydney I am somewhat pacing myself with mid 30 miles stages that, among other things, are sending my daily average plummeting.

Route 3,075,269 – powered by


I went for almost 30 miles before I took a break and a picture, my tendons are almost 100% and my legs don’t mind hills anymore. This part of Australia has a few more of them than the deep south but unfortunately they do not herald views that rival New Zealand.

Here’s another bit of home a long way from home.

Another 7 miles and I was at the campsite. I have been fairly posh in Australia not having even one night in a free camp. Part of it is due to the fact that the commercial campsite are abundant in number, relatively inexpensive and guarantee a relative animal free environment. Call me stupid but, I am not so keen on meeting one of the black snakes at close quarters.

It did look this unreal
Almost wanted to dip, but then I remembered the jelly fish, the sharks, the sting rays and the fact that it’s winter.

As when I got to the camp was relatively early in the day I decided to explore a bit. I went for a beach front walk that took me all the way to the town centre where the owners of a corner caffe had enrolled the support of a rock band to increase their takings.

Two things to say about that: First they probably did although the age of the people listening to the music mirrored perfectly the age of the band. The second thing is quite sad, these people were in their late fifties or early sixties and the music they were playing is the kind of music that I like, only they were killing it.

In town a band was murdering the Credence.

I’m now 120 miles or so from Sydney, I’ll be doing in three days what I would normally do in two so it’s 40 and a bit tomorrow with quite a bit of it by the sea so hopefully there will be more opportunities to take pictures and to enjoy interesting riding.

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