Glasgow to Rabat 2014

From October 2014 to December 2014 I cycled from Glasgow to Rabat. This was meant to be part of a more ambitious trip along the west coast of Africa all the way to Cape Town but a mixture of security and health concerns brought it to an end prematurely. Still it got me past the first 2000 miles of Cycle Tourism and gave me a awful lot of precious experience.

    Here are some stats from the Glasgow to Rabat run.

    • Days: 61 (44 Ride, 17 Rest)
    • Distance: 2,055 Miles (Average 46,7 MpD)
    • Elevation: 56,858 Feet (Average 1,292 FpD)
    • Cost: £2,253 (Average £38.30 £pD)

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