About the loupe

What is an X10 (ten times) loupe? It is a magnifying lens also known as a hand lens for the lack handle. Loupes are used in many activities and there are many different types but the one depicted in the banner of the site is the type used to look at or appraise jewellery. (more)

banner-x10loupeSo what’s the loupe connection to the site? is it a gimmick? Perhaps, but this very unremarkable object is very special to me as it belonged to my wife and it was in her hands almost every day of her professional life.

The other reason it is of interest to me is that the correct pronunciation of the word is (/ˈlp/ loop) and what I am doing could be described as a slightly misshapen loop around the world.

I am planning to take the loupe with me and work it into, at least, my milestone pictures. It will no doubt be a source of conversation and, explaining its significance to the people that ask me about it, will give me an opportunity to talk about Tarn and ultimately the reason I’m doing what I’m doing.

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