à Rennes


So I am in France now, I feel the strength of the Auld Alliance is filling my sails and the reception to the Saltire has been more friendly on this part of the channel than it was on the previous.

I have had two chance encounters already and I am going to CouchSurf tonight so I can say I’m jumping into France at the deep end. I have sorted out the telephone contract, now I just need to figure out how to swap the WhatsApp account and then I’ll be operational on all media.

This is where I stopped for lunch, I had a snooze too. How very French of me.

it takes a bit to get used to riding in Europe again, a couple of times I found myself in the wrong side of the road and I was lucky that the roads I was traveling were rather minor. Finding them was a challenge in itself as I did not expect the normal flow of traffic to be directed to motorway type roads. Motorway in France are not free but it appears that the normal road network, free bit, has been upgraded to near motorway standard and therefore it’s off limit for bikes.

Luckily my map app worked without data contract and I navigated to the destination without too many mistakes and doing a relatively efficient route.

Route 2,840,014 – powered by www.bikemap.net

In Rennes I met a chap who was intrigued by my load and told me he had done a lot of touring in north America, he was not too sure about anywhere past Senegal, but he said that up to Senegal it should be plain sailing.

Just around the corner, unexpected, a lovely piece of architecture.

I am staying Couch Surfing tonight with Charly. Not sure what I’m doing tomorrow but the weather should be good so I hope I get some more milage in. I will not make it to Nantes but might get to Châteaubriant, might just stop there and have a steak.

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  1. JT says:

    Well done for getting over the channel calmly!
    The weather in your pics looks fabulous and I believe that chateaubriand is beautiful.

  2. Jo Ward says:

    Hope the couch surfing goes well !! X

  3. julca says:

    E bravo Alex che fino in Francia ci sei arrivato!!! Che bei paesaggi. Buona notte

  4. Jimmy. says:

    We holidayed with friends in a remote gite near
    Chateaubriand. good cycling area and good food.

    Keep well to the RIGHT ! Happy Days.

    1. Alex says:

      I have now moved the mirror on the left side and that reminds me that the cars will come from that direction. The area is really good for cycling and as soon as you get used to avoiding the main roads it’s a pleasure to ride.

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